About us

To start of we are family owned company. For the past 11 years we have been busy building houses formerly although between us we have been in the huising market for many year. This al started when an opportunity presented itself to do a cluster development in 2004. We did the planning, there was a great need for sectional title units in Tzaneen. We sold our first 2 developments within 7 days from putting it on the market. We immediately started to look for more land to do similar developments. Palm Creek And Palm Grove was handed to their owners in mid 2005. We have also done a development of 92 units. Eco Tilo was given off during June 2006 and Eco Ehkaya during February 2007.

We have build a lot of units averaging about 40 units per year over the last 11 years. We love seeing an opportunity and taking virgin land to a development where people love to live. We belief that we offer the complete package from design to marketing.

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The Team

Dewald Pretorius
Jan Potgieter
(Site Supervisor)
John Mathye
(Site Supervisor)
Jan Roos
(JV Partner)
Gilbert Mafokwane
Roline Solomon
(Creditors Clerk)